Mobile Marketing

Strategic Mobile Marketing Bringing Tampa Bay Businesses More Clients

It’s estimated that over 90 percent of smartphone users utilize the mobile web to seek out local businesses. Plus, a mobile search is very likely to result in direct contact or even a purchase.


The bottom line is more people than ever before are turning to these devices to search the Web, so it just makes sense to have a mobile marketing component to your online advertising. Even Google agrees that if you don’t have a mobile marketing strategy, you don’t have a marketing strategy at all.


With the use of tools like Siri and other “talk to text” search features, consumers using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets tend to perform different queries than desktop searchers. Instead of typing keywords into a search box, the users of mobile devices tend to use longer phrases.


This brings a new layer to the keyword selection process. Rather than placing all of our focus on targeted keywords, the team at Marketing Bionics creates deeper content for your website to ensure that we are capturing the search results of the mobile search consumers in your market.

    Effectively generating leads, whether by phone or on the Web, is the difference between succeeding and failing. You can depend on marketing Bionics to build a feature-rich, responsive Web design that includes engaging content and strong calls to action. We fully realize that mobile users who find you are highly targeted prospects, which is why we’ll ensure that your pages are formatted for the mobile web and aesthetically pleasing.


    From link-building services to search engine optimization, we at Marketing Bionics go the extra mile to exceed all expectations. With us, your satisfaction is always priority one. You can expect us to deliver personalized care from a marketing staff that’s truly interested in your success.

    Please call or contact our team right away to get started.

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